CR 12: Super Magnet Man - Vestavia

His nickname pretty much says it all.  "They call me super magnet man," said Vestavia businessman George Mizzell.   His passion for magnets started a long time ago.  "My dad worked for his brother doing TV and radio repairs in the 50's and 60's.  When a big unit tore up he'd bring the magnets home and we'd play with them.."

He went on to college and got a degree in engineering and then went to work for the power company.    But years ago, his elementary school classroom demonstrations pushed or pulled him back to his love of magnets.   When he saw how much kids liked his neo super magnets he knew they'd be a hit in the business world too.    "I have sold magnets in 70 countries and worked with basically every university you can think of."

He's designed hanging devices for offices and helped inventors fine tune their products.  You'd be surprised at how many things we use every day, need magnets to work.    "Almost everything you work with today that has small electric motors.  That includes computers, electric toothbrushes, all that stuff."

He loves showing kids the power of his super magnets.   You can look up his experiments and demonstrations on his website:   Http://