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A busy afternoon around here - a lot to share with you.

Let's start with the impact of Alabama's new immigration law.  Thousands of Hispanic students are staying out of classrooms around the state.  But what about border states?  We'll have a full report.

Sir Charles Barkley in town for a leadership conference today.  He talked with us about a variety of issues...including his opinion on the expansion of the S.E.C. and the likelihood of a lockout in the NBA.

Civil rights leader Fred Shuttlesworth is dead at the age of 89.  We'll have more on his contributions to the cause starting at 5.

On the crime beat, a man is shot and killed in Macon County.  In Prattville...a fatal stabbing - the victim there is a woman. We'll check on suspects and charges.

And, as unlikely as it may seem, another moonshine still was raided and destroyed. That's two stills in two days.  Is this the beginning of a trend?

Plus a look ahead at the forecast through the weekend...where temperatures may be creeping back up.

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Bob H.