Editorial: Bullying

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabama – the United States – our world - just lost another precious child this week to suspected case of bullying.  Children and teens with bright futures are deciding more and more often to take their own lives rather than face their tormentors.  Mom's, dad's, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends and teachers – we cannot go one more day without addressing this.

Most families that have gone through this excruciating, painful ordeal had no idea the level of emotional turmoil their children were experiencing before they killed themselves. That is why we are encouraging every family in our area to sit down with their children this weekend and reinforce your love and support for them.   Let them know that there is nothing that they are dealing with that cannot be solved – but you need to know about it to help.

In March of this year Senator Cam Ward introduced the Alex Moore Anti-Bullying act named after a 15 year old Jemison girl who committed suicide connected to bullying. A key element in this bill would be the requirement of the school to contact parents if bullying is suspected or witnessed.  As a father – respectfully Mr. or Mrs. Principal – I want you to call me, write me, text me, email me, send me a letter just let me know there is an issue.  That is why we strongly encourage our Legislators to pass this bill in the next session.  We cannot afford to lose another life because of bullying.

We appreciate your feedback.