George W. Bush visits Montgomery

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Former President George W. Bush visited Montgomery Thursday night for a fundraiser for Faulkner University.  A "Evening with George W. Bush" at the Renaissance Hotel and Spa included dinner and the opportunity to hear the former president speak.

Faulkner University estimates 2200 people came out for Bush's speech.  The media was only allowed inside the hall for the first three minutes of the speech, because of restrictions from President Bush's team.  We were able to hear the President talk about living in Montgomery, during the 1970s.   Mr. Bush  also talked about his time in the Oval Office, and the tough decisions a President has to make.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will go toward scholarships for students at Faulkner University, and some of those students served as ushers this evening.

"It was a honor to be able to serve the tables," said Seth Jones, a student at Faulkner.  "I was able to serve the President's table, so it was just awesome to be here, it's a great night for the school."

The event also featured a salute to veterans.  About 100 of them marched down the center of the convention hall right before the President's speech.  It was a very stirring moment, as everyone in the crowd rose to their feet.

"I'm greatly appreciative of the university and the President for recognizing the veterans tonight, from all our wars" said Al Hinson, who is retired from the U.S. Army.

There were fewer people at the Renaissance this year than for last year's fundraising dinner , which featured Sarah Palin.   But the university estimates the event raised close to $1 million, so they feel it was definitely a success.

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