Veterans recognized at Alabama National Fair

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's like a homecoming all over again for veteran John A. Brown as Alabama National Fair leaders honored military servicemen and women--specifically Desert Storm and Desert Shield veterans.

"It gives you a warm feeling."

Brown served in Operation Desert Storm and says it's nice to be remembered this soon after a major U.S. war.

"So often the older wars get recognized, but to have an actual celebration of the people who are actually still in the be able to have them get recognized is that much more special," says Brown.

Veterans say the service helps them remember why they chose to serve.

"It gives you chill bumps to know someone really cared about you putting your life on the line," adds Brown.

"Being a Vietnam veteran, we were the forgotten veterans," says Dale Todd.

He adds he never really had a homecoming celebration.

"Nobody even said 'hi, how are you, welcome home.'"

To him, the ceremony helps serve as one.

"It means a lot.  It makes me feel a lot better."

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