Montgomery neighborhood hit by rash of dog thefts

A Montgomery neighborhood is on high alert after numerous dogs have been stolen.
A Montgomery neighborhood is on high alert after numerous dogs have been stolen.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Residents in one Montgomery neighborhood are trying to track down a canine caper.

Neighbors in the Carriage Hills subdivision near the East Boulevard believe someone is stealing their dogs--including one mother who was forced to break the news to her son who is currently serving overseas in the United States Navy.

There used to be three dogs in Wanda Smith's backyard. But one afternoon while out running errands, she believes her Dachshund, Sisqo, and her son's Chinese Pug, Rocky, "were stolen out of the yard. They was no way they could have gotten out," says Smith.

When she realized they were nowhere to be found, she had to tell her son--Hayward--the news.  He was thousands of miles away in Afghanistan.

"I just broke down. I couldn't even explain myself," adds Smith.

Smith talked to other neighbors who say they, too, have come home only to find their dogs missing.

WSFA 12 News contacted the Montgomery Police Department. Officers say they're currently working a case nearby involving five stolen pit bull puppies.

"It's devastating. I mean, your pet is like your family," adds Smith.

Some residents say there have been times when they've been outside and seen unfamiliar people drive through the neighborhood trying to pick up their dogs and take them away.

Chris Knox's dog, Cocoa, was one of them.

"She was running up and down the street and a car pulled up and a guy tried to coerce her in the car. But Cocoa, kinda...she knows better. She ran home," says Knox.

Knox called the police and his city councilman to alert them of the problem. In the meantime, folks like Wanda try desperately to track down her dogs.

"We've called the police department, filed a report, we've looked on the computer," she says.

She hopes Sisqo and Rocky come home in time to welcome her son.

Neighbors say most of the stolen dogs were small. Montgomery Police say they are increasing their presence in the neighborhood and have also contacted animal control to patrol the area.

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