Pit bull named "Reba" survives gruesome attack

Reba learns to walk on three legs after her right, front leg had to be amputated.
Reba learns to walk on three legs after her right, front leg had to be amputated.
Reba during her recovery.
Reba during her recovery.

ELMORE CO., AL (WSFA) - A courageous dog survives a horrific attack that left it with untreated injuries. Now Reba "The Survivor" spent her first weekend back at the Humane Society of Elmore County, after recovering the last two weeks at an Elmore County veterinarian clinic.

She's Reba "The Survivor."

A dog the Humane Society of Elmore County in Wetumpka says is lucky to be alive.

"Some people found her under their car," Human Society of Elmore County Director Rea Cord said.

Cord says this American pit bull terrier's flesh hung from her leg, images too graphic to fully show.

Pictures were posted on the humane society's Facebook page. The community outpour was overwhelming.

"Horrible! Horrible! How could somebody do that to a dog? It just makes me sick to look at it,"  Montgomery resident Patricia Martin said.

Martin was compelled to come to the shelter and show her love to Reba.

"I went (gasp) and I had to click off cause I couldn't look at it anymore it was so horrible. I mean the leg was such a terrible mess, I just couldn't look at it anymore," Martin said.

"That injury had not just happened," Cord said.

An Elmore county veterinarian came to Reba's rescue.

"We got very lucky. We had a vet who came in after hours who checked her out and removed the leg," Cord said.

Cord believes Reba was used as a bait dog for fighting.

"Unfortunately it's a reality that we know exists. Dogs are stolen for that purpose," Cord said.

Reba survived a gruesome attack and signs of neglect.

"She's thin, she was very starved," Cord said.

Now she's bandage and stitch free, slowly recovering and learning to walk on three legs.

"Reba has evidently gone through a lot in her life," Cord said.

Reba the survivor is a friendly dog who's looking for a loving and caring family. There is a screening process and the humane society is accepting applications.

"To put her in the right home where she can have a long happy life and never go through anything like this again," Cord said.

Reba is 5 years ago and has been spade. If you are interested in adopting Reba, please call the Elmore County shelter at 334-567-3377.