Ethanol causing issues for small motors

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - You see the labels slapped on a lot of pumps, 'gasoline contains 10% ethanol.'

It's an alternative fueling sparking big time problems for those with gas engines such as weed- eaters and lawnmowers.

"The ethanol part of the gas eats up the rubber lining of the fuel line," said Bruce Holding, owner of CTE Outdoor Power in Montgomery.

Holding says he's done more repair work in the last two years than he has in the last 12. Ethanol is supposed to be a cleaner bio-fuel, produced primarily from corn.

One of the major suppliers of ethanol in the River Region concedes ethanol is damaging the internal structure of a small engine but says this is out of her hands.

"We really don't have a choice because the government is pushing this," said Martha Demere, owner and president of Entec.

Demere says customers have the option of buying straight gasoline with no ethanol at her 7 stations in the River Region.

Back at CTE Holding has products to counteract the effects of ethanol. By his own admission they're pricey on the front end but may be worth it in the long run when you consider his average repair job ranges from $50 to $150.00.

"I am constantly replacing carburetors," Holding said.

According to one local veteran mechanic he hasn't seen any damaging effects of ethanol in automobile engines except for lower miles per gallon but for the small engines, it's a different story, a reportedly cleaner fuel leaving behind a dirty problem.

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