Editorial Feedback: Bullying

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Our "Bullying" editorial prompted this feedback:

"It's bad enough being the target of bullies but to have it recorded and passed around to everyone they know is more than any adolescent is emotionally capable of processing in a healthy manner. Most bullying these days takes place via Facebook, twitter and texting.  Parents, we need to MONITOR our kids' technology."

Another viewer writes, "This should never have been able to get so out of hand! Teachers and parents need to work together to raise children in a healthy manner for our next generation!  It is okay to say no! It is okay to take privileges away! It is okay to and should be expected that there will be consequences for negative behavior! All parents are outraged when our child is bullied, but here's thought…Let's hold our kids accountable when THEY are the bullies.

And finally, "Bullying has always been a part of school, but NOTHING like it is now."

We encourage and appreciate all of your feedback.

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