Empty Head Elem. school building could be sold

All but one board member voted to move ahead with the potential sale.
All but one board member voted to move ahead with the potential sale.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Consider it the first vote of what school officials hope is many more like it.

"We are very interested in people who are interested in our properties," says Montgomery Public School Superintendent, Barbara Thompson.

Six board members voted "yes" while President Charlotte Meadows abstained to allow TCU Consulting to begin negotiations with a potential buyer for the empty Head Elementary School building--one of the schools closed as part of the board's recent consolidation plan.

It's exactly the direction Thompson wants to take when it comes to vacant properties.

"I think anytime you have interest and--mind you this is not firm--this is interest that we think is worth pursuing and we're pretty excited about that," adds Thompson.

In fact, Assistant Operations Superintendent Donald Dotson says Head Elementary isn't the only empty school building getting noticed.

"Developers and different people contacted us about several properties that were left over after we closed schools," adds Dotson.

But nothing can be done without the vote of the school board.

"We have to approve the ones that we think are legitimate offers. I think they would screen the ones they don't think are legitimate and then they would come back and ask the board for permission to negotiate the ones that are," says Thompson.

The board also met to discuss Lanier High School and the progress of the new eastside high school.

Thompson says once the new east high school is built, it could change the types of programs offered at Lanier.

So far consultants say the east high school is on schedule and currently under budget.

The board is also currently discussing a name, colors, and mascot for the school.

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