Thompson: Pike Rd. schools will affect MPS

File Photo: Supt. Barbara Thompson
File Photo: Supt. Barbara Thompson

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Many Pike Road citizens, fresh off a vote to increase taxes to form their own school system, are excited about the future. The head of Montgomery's school system knows that vote could cause issues within her system.

"There is no doubt we would be impacted financially if Pike Road approves a new school system," MPS Superintendent Barbara Thompson said before the vote Tuesday.

Thompson added that while Pike Road's new system could impact MPS, "there are more important issues at stake."

"A good number of students in Pike Road are currently enrolled in magnet schools and other specialized programs," Thompson said. "A "yes" vote will have an impact on the Pike Road students we currently serve in our Gifted programs, pre Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement, and even Special Education classes."

Thompson said those specialized services are all a vital part of what MPS offers to its students. "It might be difficult," she explained, "to justify allowing an out of district student to enroll in a magnet school since there are so many on the waiting list who want to be a part of these nationally acclaimed programs."

Thompson said the issues will have to be discussed and addressed.

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