Chilton County Manhunt; Farm Workers Needed


October 17, 2011

Good Morning!

WSFA 12 News is following breaking news out of Chilton County where the search is on for a man who allegedly assaulted a police officer and ran away into the woods. We'll have the latest on the search on Today in Alabama.

And Alabama's new immigration law continues to cause problems for farmers. Many of them are complaining that there aren't enough workers to harvest their crops. But a new database might help them fill those empty positions. More on how the state's new web site might get hundreds of people hired, coming up this morning on Today in Alabama.

Plus, a new service that makes your friends and family think you're in a relationship thanks to a simple text message. Find out how it works, when Today in Alabama begins at 5am!

Those stories, plus sports and your Doppler 12 Stormvision Forecast with Meteorologist Josh Johnson, straight ahead on Today in Alabama!

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Tonya Terry