MacMillan International Academy Teacher a Class Act

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - What happens when you combine rap and math.   At MacMillan International Academy in Montgomery you get kids who are smiling and learning at the same time.   The teacher is Ms. Felicia Mills, this week's Class Act .

"I want to make a difference," Mills said.   "I had a lot of good teachers growing up and I hope I can have the same positive influence with my kids."   She's been in the classroom for the last 9 years, but teaching wasn't her first choice.   "I actually started out as a business major but had a passion for kids, so I changed to education and have been doing it ever since."

She likes to get creative with songs, anything to help the kids have fun while they're learning.     "We sing a lot and do a lot of fun stuff, a lot of hands on activities, we try to use technology and things that are relevant."

Congratulations Ms. Felicia Mills from MacMillan International Academy, you're this week's Class Act.

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