Green box set to put Auburn's "War Eagle" in outer space

Photo Courtesy: Auburn University
Photo Courtesy: Auburn University

A satellite built by students at Auburn University will soon be launched into space.

Auburn said in a statement that it will be launched Oct. 27 on a Delta II Rocket from Vandenburg Air Force Base in California.

Construction of the 4-inch, cube-shaped satellite is part of the Auburn University Student Space Program. Auburn officials say it's the first student-built satellite in Alabama.

The satellite will communicate with Auburn students in Morse Code.

Officials said plans call for the phrase "War Eagle" to be the signal that the launch was successful, and the satellite is in orbit and operating correctly.

CLICK HERE to read more on the satellite's development from Auburn's website.

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Approximately 100 Auburn students, all undergrads, have worked on the satellite dubbed AubieSat-1.

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