AEA's Hubbert gives a reason for retirement

File Photo: Dr. Paul Hubbert
File Photo: Dr. Paul Hubbert

Teacher lobbyist Paul Hubbert says one reason he's retiring is that he must have dialysis three times per week and that's not conducive to the schedule he's kept during his 43 years as executive secretary of the Alabama Education Association.

Hubbert disclosed the dialysis Monday in AEA's weekly newspaper for its members, the Alabama School Journal.

The 75-year-old lobbyist said he had to start taking anti-rejection medication following a liver transplant in 1989, and the medication damaged his kidneys to the point where dialysis is necessary.

AEA is looking for a replacement for Hubbert, as well as Associate Executive Secretary Joe Reed, who's also retiring. Hubbert said he will step down as soon as a replacement is found.

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