Score one for law enforcement agents in Alabama

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's fair to say enforcement agent Dave Peacock is feeling pretty high right now, not because he's tried some of the 'synthetic marijuana' on display Tuesday morning but because he feels they've made a dent in what's quickly becoming the 'in' thing now for a lot of people.

"We made a dent over the weekend. This really is affecting young people," said Peacock who is part of the Alcohol Beverage Control Board enforcement team.

The sudden crackdown of synthetic marijuana started over the weekend after Governor Robert Bentley signed an order to get rid of the stuff. The deaths of two teenagers in northeast Alabama last month caught the governor's attention.

Synthetic marijuana is a chemically treated herbal product that mimics the effects of marijuana. Agent put on a display of the seized items on a table with several boxes nearby.

"It doesn't seem to have the same affect as dope would. It's much more dangerous with people acting in a strange manner, a psychosis affect," said Peacock.

Over the course of 3 days ABC agents have seized nearly 40,000 packages of synthetic marijuana and WSFA 12 News has learned the drug is being blamed for overdoses and suicides.

Governor Bentley is allowing a grace period until October 24th for stores to get rid of the synthetic marijuana, so for now no one is facing any charges.

Until last Friday synthetic marijuana had been sold under brand names such as 'spice' and 'K-2.'