Montgomery police chief sheds light on city's gang activity

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Gangs may look like they're showing up more through graffiti on old buildings and signs, but Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy doesn't believe "they have any more presence now than they did a few years ago or even longer."

Murphy says more graffiti doesn't mean organized gangs are popping up around town.

And even if they were?

"We know about them. More importantly we know who is involved."

Murphy says the police department is constantly working to rid the city of any gang activity.

He admits there are a handful of them.  But, the average citizen shouldn't be concerned.

"Gangs are often more dangerous to one another," he says.

"Yes, I am concerned because you never can know what other people are going to talk your children into," says Montgomery resident and mother, Joscyln Bolston.

Moms like her aren't surprised to hear of gang presence here. Their main focus, though, is separating their kids from it.

"I teach them mostly to try and stay away from that kind of stuff and put themselves in the right environment. They do a lot of activities to focus in other directions," says Montgomery resident and mother Mandy Mann.

"You have to believe in your kids.  You have to build that foundation and you also have to build that connection with your children," adds Bolston.

"We do not need to build an atmosphere of fear in our city over this issue," adds Murphy.

Chief Murphy says he can't go into detail about how the police crack down on these gangs because it might compromise their work.

He compares it to a chess game and says it would be like telling your opponent your first three moves.

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