Elba Elementary Educator is a Class Act

"I'm rewarded everyday. I like to come early and leave late, just because of the great students I have," proclaims Elba Elementary School teacher Michelle Grimes. She has a classroom full of fourth graders who love having her as their teacher.

4th grader Jessica Whitfield says of Grimes, "she does things for us that we don't ask for sometimes." The generosity is as simple as letting kids read in the classroom bathtub or exposing them to foreign cultures.

By catering to each child's method of learning, Grime helps them grasp complex lessons. 4th grader Gunnar McCollough says, "we had one (lesson) on body systems. About circulatory system, muscular and digestive."

Lakesha Brackins the curriculum coordinator for Elba City Schools says, "she does various assessments to find out what each child as an individual needs; and structures her instruction around those individual needs for each student."

Grimes serves as a Troy State clinical master teacher, helping train future educators for careers in the classroom. She shows them the benefits of hands-on lessons, and says she gets something out of it too. "That's such a privilege we have wonderful interns that come and we get to work with them, but they also teach us a lot of the new things that they're learning. So they come into the classroom and teach and I learn as well. So it's a great experience, a great change as well," Grimes says.

She has also served schools as a presenter of the Alabama Reading Initiative. Grimes also teaches at her church Sunday school and vacation bible school.

Education Report: Michael Briddell