Hello from the newsroom - on this "nippy" Thursday night.
As he prepares for a re-trial, the judge in the State House corruption trial, Myron Thompson, has written a 44-page document regarding the original proceeding against 11 defendants.  They were accused of being part of a plan to buy or sell votes on pro-bingo legislation.  Part of that document includes Judge Thompson's assessment of the some of the witnesses for the prosecution - including state Sen. Scott Beason and now-Circuit Judge Ben Lewis.  Hope you'll tune in to find out what the judge wrote about these two men - and more.
In Selma, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District announced federal charges against 15 suspects arrested and charged with stealing weapons from a Selma merchant.  5 additional suspects are juveniles and were turned over to state authorities for prosecution.  We'll listen as the store's owner talks about how it felt to watch security video of the burglary in progress. 
And, BEWARE, there's a new scam running in our area.  Crooks calling homes saying they're with Microsoft and need to "fix" your "infected" computer.  We'll tell you how it plays out...and the information they're really after.
Plus, Rich updates the coldest air of the season so far.  I think I'll get to build a fire in the old fireplace this least at night!
See you on the set!
Bob H.