Hey Leslie, Cheesy Rice and Black Eye Pea Casserole

Cheesy rice and black eye pea casserole

4 cups of cooked rice
1 cup of black eye peas cooked
(If canned, rinse and drain before using)
1 pound of cooked and drained spicy sausage
1/4 cup of chopped onion
1/4 cup chopped red peppers
1/4 cup chopped green pepper
1/4 tsp of garlic salt
2 cups shredded chedder
1 tbs of butter

Sautee onion, peppers in butter and garlic salt.  Toss in cooked sausage and heat. Add cooked rice and black peas. Pour half of mixture into collking dish. Top with one cup of cheese.  Put the other half of rice and pea mixture on top and sprinkle the rest of cheese over the top layer.

Bake on 350 degrees for about fifteen minutes until cheese is hot and bubbley.