CR 12: Greenville's Daybreak Farms

GREENVILLE, AL (WSFA) - A hay mountain, petting zoo, hay rides, a huge box filled with corn kernels, it sounds like Daybreak Farms in Greenville has everything, but this year they added something new.

"This year we added a corn maze," said farm owner Tom Duncan.   "When you see it from the air, it actually came out better than I thought.    I'm just a good old farm boy so watching these kids having fun, carrying on, it just puts a smile on your face.   So many of them have never touched a cow, a pig or a horse, or don't know what a corn maze is."

They're having fun and learning at the same time.  The facts starting popping up all over like rows of corn.  "Cows can drink about a bathtub full of water," said Forest Avenue student Ainsley.  "Some brands of chickens can lay colored eggs," said student Liam.   "A cow can pump out 6 gallons of milk a day," said Forest Avenue student Caroline.

The new corn maze is a big attraction.  There are questions printed up on signs throughout the maze.  If the kids answer it right, they will find out which way they need to go.  For some groups the maze takes 20 minutes, for others it could take hours.  But for the kids, that's hours of fun, and learning.

Daybreak Farms will be open until late October or early November.

For hours of operation and days of the week it's open to the public check out the website:

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