Senior Citizens in Russell County targeted for Lottery Scam

RUSSELL CO., AL (WSFA) - Russell County authorities are advising its senior citizens to be on the look out for a lottery scam going around in the community.

The lottery scam targets the elderly by sending a letter or phone call saying that you have just won one million dollars. Then all you have to do is share personal information and send in $100 before your able to collect your winnings.

The Russell County Sheriff's Office is urging its residents to look out for these types of scams right now. There are a few tips that you should look out for to tell if you are potentially getting scammed.

You know it's a scam if...

  1. You did not buy a ticket or enter any type of lottery.
  2. You can't find the company name on any web search or by asking around.
  3. If the letter or caller claims you were chosen at random to win.
  4. You are asked to pay an advanced fee before you can collect your money.
  5. You can't find a street address--only a P.O. Box is listed.
  6. You have to give personal information before the winning can take place.

The sheriff's department says if something doesn't seem right , it is always okay to double check and call the proper authorities.

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