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Tonight, we're asking a simple question: "How did a 13-year-old land at the bottom of a 30 foot deep draining ditch?"  The city says the opening was covered by metal bars that had to be cut away to rescue the teen.  Tonight at 10pm, we talk with a neighbor who has a totally different story. 
Folks who just wanted a waffle - got a lot more than that at a Tuscaloosa Waffle House early Sunday morning.  A brawl broke out that lasted several minutes. We've got the dramatic video to show you just how bad it got.
With a former Alabama House member ready to plead guilty to a bribery charge brought by the State House corruption investigators - does that strengthen the prosecution's case against the remaining defendants?  We'll let you hear from one of the defense attorneys for his take on the latest development.

And, there's a silver lining to the storm clouds that spawned deadly tornadoes in April.  The state's slumping construction industry is the beneficiary with large contracts to rebuild houses and businesses. Our special report estimates it could mean billions of dollars to our state's economy overall. 

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