Storm Drain Rescue: Residents Speak

Montgomery firefighters rushed to rescue the young girl at the bottom of the 30 foot drain on Upper Wetumpka Road Sunday afternoon. At first, family members did not want to talk about what happened, but neighbors are talking.

After this dramatic rescue.

"Why was she down there or how did she get down there?" Montgomery resident Ella Brown said.

Neighbors are scratching their heads, trying to figure out how that 13-year-old girl got into this storm drain.

"It's just a place where nobody should go," Montgomery resident Forest Robinson said.

"This is the first time something happened like that," Brown said.

Authorities say the teen fell more than 30 feet down the drain. Residents say it's not something you just fall into and speculation spreading as to how it happened.

"You don't know what is what and then with them coming back today down there. It just got us thinking," Brown said.

A city spokesperson says "no trespassing" signs and warning signs were up as well as metal bars that had to be cut and removed to rescue the girl. Robinson said that's not true. He's lived in Brookview Apartments, for 15 years. He says he witnessed the rescue and answered rescuers' questions. Robinson says there were no bars or signs near the drain and says this barricade was put up after the incident.

"They said somebody was trapped in the hole. It was a deep hole," Robinson said.

A concern that has many worried about their safety.

"They need to clean these bushes and things off, you know the way things are happening," Brown said.

Neighbors say one thing's certain: this teen is lucky to be alive.

We checked on the young girl's condition and were told only that she broke an arm and a leg and was treated at Jackson Hospital. Since she is a minor it's difficult to find out more specific information.

WSFA 12 news asked the Montgomery Police Department for comment and we were told it's policy not to release information regarding any juvenile. 28 first responders from the city worked more than two hours to pull the girl up to the street.

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