Greenville Teacher is a Class Act

GREENVILLE, AL (WSFA) - For a lot of us high school math was tough.   Miss Peggy Brown at Greenville High School does everything she can to make it all add up.   And she's been doing this for awhile now.   "I started teaching in 1979," Brown said.

She's been in the classroom for more than 25 years, it's where she feels at home.   "I really just love the kids, they become my children when they're in the classroom, and I want to prepare them for the real world."

The person who nominated her for the "Class Act" award says she always has a positive attitude, which rubs off on the students and the teachers.   She really does have a passion for numbers.   "Math really does make the world go round. You can't function without it.   Its important in everything we do so I want make sure the kids get what they need."

And for helping the kids find the right answer, all she wants is one little thing in return.   "I really enjoy it when the kids come back and say thanks for what you did."

On this day, all her students are saying thanks.   Ms. Peggy Brown from Greenville High School is a real "Class Act."

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