Hello from the newsroom.
Things are getting a little testy over in Selma tonight.  The school board is considering dismissing the school superintendent. Members cited a number of problems they have with the way he does business.  We'll have the latest in a "LIVE" report.  It's our lead story.
A group claims an Alabama school system is breaking the law by having a prayer before each of its high school football games.  We'll tell you what they're trying to do to stop it.
Another Montgomery hospital has a robotic surgery facility. "Dr." Sally Pitts (she's really *not* a doctor) takes us inside the DaVinci operating room to see how it works.
And, this week's "Cash for Kindness" recipient has a big heart when it comes to cancer patients.  How big?  We'll let you judge for yourself after watching Anchor Val Lawson's touching story.
Plus, Rich Thomas has a new forecast...where things warm rains...and it gets cold again!
Hope to see you on the set at 10.
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Bob H.