Andalusia High School Teacher is a Class Act

"I like that light bulb that goes off whenever something they wasn't understood, finally they get it," says Angie Sasser. She's been lighting up Andalusia High School (AHS) for the past eight years. She teaches biology and anatomy and really drives both subjects home. 9th grader Whitney Davidson says, "she's a good teacher. She's very hard, her tests are a lot complicated than more other teachers."

Sasser starts each year by telling students what they can expect of her and what she expects of them. She wants them to master the material, be prepared for the high school graduation exam and provides tutoring to help kids reach both goals. 9th grader Hank Wiggins says, "a teacher that really isn't willing to help, doesn't really want to teach that much. And I think that since she wants to help us that she's really involved with us and cares about us learning."

AHS principal, Dr. Daniel Shakespeare says of Sasser, "when you go in to observe her class, you maybe want to stay 45 minutes and you end up staying 96 minutes, because you fall in love with the job that she's doing in the classroom."

Sasser is also pretty busy outside of the classroom. She sponsors the sophomore class and the school scholar bowl team and mentors new biology teachers. It's her way of giving back to the school she attended as a student. "I can't slow down. Perhaps I should learn how to say, 'no,' but I can't slow down, I love it. I just have some energy I need to expend," says Sasser.

Sasser has also been recognized as her district's teacher of the year. She's busy in her community as well; Sasser is a church pianist and founding member of the Andalusia community theater.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell