Another B-U-S-Y day for me...so I'll get right to the point of why you should watch our news at 10pm.

If you've seen all the construction going on in downtown Montgomery - and wondered what the apartments and condos are like on the inside - watch our lead story and find out!

Despite being fired and having his replacement named, Selma's school superintendent showed up for work today.  Why he says he's still the boss.

A man thought to be the victim of Chicago serial killer John Wayne Gacy has surfaced and has been reunited with his family in Ozark - after 33 years.

And, Alabama and LSU fans - how deep are your pockets?  If you want to see the Alabama/LSU game in person and don't have a ticket already - be prepared to pay up big...really big.

Plus the forecast for rain is short and sweet...not much and not for long.

I'll see you on the set at 10.

Bob H.