Editorial: Happy Halloween!

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Come Monday ghouls and goblins, Captain Americas, Green Lanterns, baseball players, ballerinas and yes even Charlie Sheen's will be knocking on your doors with smiles and resounding "Trick or Treats!"  Another year has flown by and Halloween is once again upon us.

I thought it would be worthwhile to touch on a few items as this holiday fast approaches.  Number One - if you haven't purchased and carved your pumpkins there is still time to get out this weekend and get yours.  Some of the fondest memories you will have with your children is the time spent gutting those pumpkins, carving faces and placing them on the porch.  I highly recommend going to a pumpkin patch and letting them pick out their own.

Moms and dads – don't be that house that gives out pennies and apples.  Kids want candy and LOTS OF IT!  You have to think like a child and given the choice between a Kit Kat and a green apple – the apple will lose every time.  This is one that one day a year it's okay to let chocolate win.  Note to self - now would also be the time to locate and throw away last year's bag of candy that has been stashed high in the hall closet away from preying hands.

I hope everyone has a wonderful time on Monday with friends and family and please watch out for our little one's as you drive to and from your homes.

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