Hello from the newsroom.
A serious series of stories tonight, dealing with the death an destruction inflicted on Alabama 6 months ago.
* While chasing a tornado in north Alabama, an Elmore County man gets a call that another twister is bearing down on his mother's house on Lake Martin.  A call that changed his life forever.
* The governor talks candidly about FEMA's response to the worst outbreak of tornados in state history.  Did they "do right" by Alabama?
* Tonight, survivors in one Elmore County community honor the memories of the storm victims who lost their lives.
* A church built in 1851 - severely damaged by a twister - is rebuilt by devoted volunteers - 160 years later!
* And, a north Alabama town - virtually wiped off the map - makes steady progress in the recovery and rebuilding of what's left of their community.
I hope you'll tune in to share our attempt to honor all these storm victims...those who survived and those who sadly did not.
Bob H.