RSA dedicates Dexter Avenue building, pays tribute to judges

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Retirement Systems of Alabama's new building was constructed with one goal--preserve the state judicial complex it surrounds.

"That's the whole point," says RSA CEO Dr. David Bronner.

But simply putting a glass box over the old building wasn't the only thing Bronner had in mind.

Outside he created the honor court--statues of the Alabama Supreme Court chief justices who served in the old building.

"I think it looks better than I do," says Former Chief Justice Sonny Hornsby.

Hornsby was Chief Justice from 1989-1995. He saw his statue for the first time at the dedication ceremony.

"I'm very flattered by it, and humbled by it, and delighted to be in such good company."

"It's unreal to be honest," says Elizabeth Heflin.

Heflin's husband was the late Chief Justice Howell Heflin.

She's surprised at how life-like his statue is.

"It's amazing.  He could almost say hello!"

During the dedication ceremony, Dr. Bronner, dignitaries and guests recognized the efforts of the justices.

Bronner says accuracy was key in their memorials.

"We actually made the man--Mr. Donahue who did all that work--go meet with the family, go see the family and make sure they wanted the statue to look like the way they wanted it."

Plans for the building include leasing space to private companies.

There are already two businesses there--Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc., and BB&T Bank.  Dr. Bronner says more are on the way.

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