Cain wows crowd in visit to Montgomery

Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain stopped in Montgomery Friday evening as part of a bus tour of Alabama.  Cain spoke with Republicans at their county headquarters.  He then made his way to the RSA Activities Center for a get-together hosted by radio talk show host Dan Morris.

Cain had the crowd in a frenzy from the moment he stepped off his campaign bus.  And once he took the stage, he showed some of the grassroots appeal that's helped him skyrocket to the top of the many polls.

"Stay informed, because stupid people are ruining America," he told the crowd.

Cain touched on a number of topics  including foreign policy, constitutional rights and of course, his 9-9-9 tax plan.   He criticized the Obama Administration's efforts to fight Alabama's immigration law.  The crowd saved their biggest cheers for Cain's promise to repeal President Obama's health care plan.

"We don't have a health care problem, we have a health care cost problem, and in order to fix that, the first thing we have to do is to repeal Obamacare," Cain said.

Morris believes Cain has what it takes to go a long way in the primary campaign.

"I think the fact he hasn't had the experience is something the public likes," Morris said.  "I think they like someone who is representative of the kind of common person out there."

Those in the crowd seemed to agree.

"It encourages me to know that there's this many people interested in what he has to say," said Lisa Hudson, a Cain supporter who traveled from Georgia.  "There's nothing that he supports that I don't support.  The other candidates I have a lot of reservations about."

Cain plans to travel to other parts of the state including Tuscaloosa tomorrow.

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