Fire victim thankful to be alive after overnight blaze

GREENVILLE, AL (WSFA) - For now, all Annie Key can do is look at what's left of her home.

"All our clothes, just sentimental's gone."

But her apartment isn't the only one in ruins. Firefighters arrived at the Greenville Terrace complex around 3:15am to find Key's apartment and another one engulfed in flames.

But there's a twist.  The units were in separate buildings.

"I don't even know how it got started," says Key.

State fire investigators are trying to figure that out. They believe someone may have lit both apartments on fire.

"I was just trying to get me and my daughter out of there."

Ms. Key says she might have never made it out of her apartment alive. Thankfully, a piece of furniture fell over in the fire and woke her up.

"I said what in the world is that? And then my son he came and said, 'Momma, get up...your house is on fire. I said my house is on fire? By then the police had came and said get on out right now."

Officials say no one was in the other apartment when the fire broke out. Neighbors are surprised no one was injured.

"I'm glad nobody got hurt because they are some close friends to me," says Lakesia Smith.

"I just thank God for letting me get out," adds Key.

For now, Ms. Key tries to cope with the loss--hoping to recover some of her belongings and put a tragic night behind her.

The fires are still under investigation. Officials do not have anyone in custody.

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