Did you have a lot of "trick-or-treaters" tonight?  We'll have a couple of stories about kids, candy and fun....at 10pm.
A Montgomery woman - whose son was the latest homicide victim in the city - talks about losing her him in a hail of gunfire Sunday morning.  And, the woman who was the mother of the dead man's baby was an eye witness to the shooting.  We'll hear from both of them in exclusive interviews.
Prattville's city council was asked to sign off on a million dollar payment tonight. Did they give the nod?
Nick Saban talks about "the" game - while LSU fans prepare to make the trek to T-Town Saturday night.  We're preparing a special pre-game show on Saturday...just for Tide and Tigers (LSU Tigers) fans at 5:30.
And, Jeff Jumper's forecast is a bit nippy over the coming nights.  He'll run down the numbers.
If you have little ones in your house...I hope the sugar "high" has worn off and they're asleep by now.
I'll see you on the set at 10!
Bob H.