Exclusive: Island Lounge Shooting Victim's Mother & Eyewitness Speak

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - There's new information about a mass shooting at a Montgomery bar that killed one and wounded 10. It happened at Island Lounge on South East Boulevard in Montgomery early Sunday morning. WSFA 12 news has an exclusive interview with the mother of the young man killed and with an eyewitness: the mother of murder victims' newborn son.

"They took someone from me that was very, very special," Montgomery resident Briana Thomas said.

Thomas is the mother of DeSamuel's Thomas' two month old son.

"They done took my child's life. They done took him from his kids," Montgomery resident Cherry Thomas said.

Thomas is the mother of the 20-year-old who was gunned down at the Island Lounge.

"He had one in the chest, one in the stomach, and one in the groins," Thomas said.

Davis was there when it happened.

"It was gunshots fired everywhere. It was innocent people getting shot and everything," Davis said.

She he says it was a private Halloween party where Thomas and his rap group "The Fam Boyz" were scheduled to perform. Davis says the group made it to the stage and that's when a group of guys dressed in all black wearing masks opened fire.

"I seen him laying on the ground. That's when I went and laid on top of him and he was gasping for air and his eyes were rolling in the back of his head and he was about to die," Davis said.

Both believe recent shootings at Gibbs Village, Oak Park and here are all connected. Thomas believes her son and the Fam boys are being targeted but doesn't know why.

"They was fixing to perform at Oak Park when that happened and at the Island they were supposed to perform and then that happened," Thomas said.

Thomas was the best friend of 21-year-old Jaderrico Langford. Langford is one of two young men killed last month in Gibbs Village. A funeral this family attended. Now as this mother prepares for her son's funeral, she hopes police are doing all they can to arrest those responsible.

"I hope they find them and do whatever they have to do to keep them off the streets," Thomas said.

One person is in custody, but so far, no charges have been filed. Police Chief Kevin Murphy declined an on-camera interview saying there was no new information to release.

Murphy says his investigators are following all leads and working every angle to solve this case. Some of the ten wounded in the shooting are still being treated at local hospitals.

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