Drake Middle School Teacher a Class Act

"Very, very, very wild and energetic."   That's how Drake Middle School teacher Jamie Floyd describes her math class for 7th graders.   She's been teaching at the school in Auburn for 3 years.   She went to school at Auburn-Montgomery.   "I always knew I wanted to do something with math and in my third year in college it hit me, I wanted to work with kids,"  Floyd said.

Ms. Floyd says 7th grade can be a challenge because that's when the students social lives start to blossom.  It's her goal to make sure that math is always part of the equation.    "If I can catch them in the 7th grade and let them know that math can be fun, then maybe they will stick with it and work hard."

She leads by example, working hard and having fun at the same time.  Congratulations Ms. Jamie Floyd from Drake Middle School in Auburn, you're this week's Class Act.

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