CR 12 Opelika: Storybook Farm

OPELIKA, AL (WSFA) - There's a farm in the city of Oplika with quite a story.  It started nearly 10 years ago.  It's a place where smiles dominate the day.

"It's a place where kids of all shapes and sizes and facing all kinds of challenges can come to a farm and learn about horses and riding," said Storybook Farm owner Dena Little.    "It's just an opportunity for us to take the kids away from the situation that brought them here so they can be restored, uplifted, and have some hope on horseback."

Most of the kids who visit have some sort of physical or mental disability, although some just have a tough past.  Local schools make this place a weekly stop for students who deserve some extra attention.   "When you see the smile on their face it's special," said Opelika Middle School teacher Natalie Heyward-Williams.  "I have one student who's non verbal.  He has physical disabilities and walked up and started hugging the horse.  In the classroom they have  to be more structured.  Here they get to be free and socialize with the animals and other people."

"We are a faith based ministry," LIttle said.  "We don't charge families, we just want to be a place that can walk along side them during their struggles, and provide some hope.

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