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Giving the feds the cold shoulder?  School superintendents across the state have been told not to provide certain information being sought by the U.S. Department of Justice.  We'll tell you why they've been told to hold off on complying with the request.
Montgomery police say the suspect in Sunday morning's mass shooting at a local nightclub is only 16.  We'll find out more on the charges he faces - and get reaction to his arrest from the mother of the man who died in the shooting.
The Alabama High School Athletic Association has asked the Alabama Supreme Court to stop the legal actions taken by lower courts involving the Clay-Chalkville football team and whether it's eligible to participate in the playoffs.  A law professor says this raises an interesting question over the court's jurisdiction.
And, the town of Ft. Deposit gets a break on a huge debt it owes.  We'll find out how much of its $1.6-million loan for an industrial park has been written off - and why.
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