Editorials: Fallen Soldier

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - More times than not I tend to see both sides of an argument and can appreciate differing points of view.  This is absolutely, positively not one of those cases.

The Westboro Baptist Church out of Topeka, Kansas up until now had declared its intentions (get ready for this) to picket the funeral of fallen Alabama Marine, Lance Corporal Jason Barfield.  This war HERO is scheduled to be laid to rest this weekend.

This group had the gall to end their press release which I won't repeat - because it doesn't deserve the air I breathe - with the sentence, "Thank God for IEDs."  IED's for those that don't know are Improvised Explosive Devices that contribute greatly to the loss of life during military action.

There is much irony in the fact that this man and other brave men and women have sacrificed their lives so groups like this can do things freely in our country.  Unfortunately what they are doing freely is idiotic, disgusting and heartless.

A local radio station in Dothan was willing to give them 1 hour of on-air time if they agreed to not show up and protest the funeral.  They accepted that offer and at this time will not be protesting on Alabama soil. For the record, I doubt they would have courage to show up anyway.

Having the right to do something doesn't make it RIGHT and what this organization stands for and planned to do is just plain wrong.

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