Hello from the newsroom.
Short on time to write tonight.
Here are the highlights of a jam-packed newscast:

* National Guard closing armories. One city's plan to recover.

* A public hearing on the Downtown Montgomery Plume (chemicals in the soil).
* The Westboro Baptist Church cuts a deal *NOT* to protest in Ashford Saturday.
* The Alabama Supreme Court rules on the eligibility of the Clay-Chalkville football team to play in the 6A playoffs.
* Alabama and LSU fans chomping at the bits for this weekends "Showdown in T-Town."
* And if you hate to call and get an automated message when trying to get through to "customer service" - we've got a way around it - connecting to a real person.
* Plus a much colder forecast.
Hope you'll join our team at 10.
See you on the set.
Bob H.