Hey there! It's Friday night!  Hope you're having a good one.  Got plans for "THE" game tomorrow night?  If you're one of the lucky 101,000 fans inside the stadium...good for you.  Most of us will be watching on TV.
And, just when you thought there couldn't be anything NEW to report...we've found fresh angles on the story of LSU vs. ALA...#1 vs. #2.
We're LIVE in Tuscaloosa for the new stories about the game and the fans - thousands of whom are there...without tickets. 
And, closer to's the first round of the high school football playoffs tonight.  We'll have highlights from the big matchup's in Fever Country.
Plus an update on just how low the mercury will drop tonight and during the big game tomorrow night!
Hope you have a great weekend.
Take care,
Bob H.