LSU Coach Miles reacts to win against Tide

Photo Credit: UA Athletics
Photo Credit: UA Athletics

Alabama Football vs. LSU - Postgame Quotes | LSU Coach

Head Coach Les Miles

Opening statement:

"Two very physical football teams played tonight. It definitely didn't go by script. The most interesting thing is that you just have to keep fighting and finding a way to win. There are the two interceptions by [Eric] Reid and [Morris] Claiborne. There's the punt by [Brad] Wing. There's some six yard runs. Just a lot of great tackles made the difference. In overtime, Drew Alleman comes in and kicks it for the win. Congratulations to Alabama though for having a great football team. This was a great night. Tough football. Not necessarily a pretty game but it had a nice ending."

On sticking with Jordan Jefferson as quarterback:

"We just felt like – in this game – that the couple of scrambles Jefferson had made the difference and moved the chains. That gave us a huge advantage."

On LSU's defensive performance:

"Our defense was tremendous tonight. It was the difference in the game. The turnovers were huge and we finished plays. Our team just played really well off the mat. Sending them back on the field, make a play. Then take them off and they come back on to make a play. Obviously in overtime your mettle is tested the most on the key plays. Victory is decided in a short amount of time at that point and we came to play towards the end."

On the performance of LSU's special teams:

"We spend a lot of time on special teams. Our guys take pride in it and work on it. I'm pretty confident to send Drew [Alleman] onto the field and get the threes. Our punter penned them down in there several times as well. Again, we have a quality defense and played decent field position in the game. That's just solid football."

#30 Drew Alleman, Kicker

On if the timeouts called by Alabama affected his kicking:

"Coaches think that it does, but as a kicker you know you're going to be put in that situation, so you've got to just take it and run with it."

On the confidence Coach Miles has in him:

"Coach has a bunch of confidence in me. In the beginning of the season he had confidence in me and he still has confidence in me. Just building that confidence throughout the year is what I've been doing."

#18 Brandon Taylor, Safety

On the preparedness of LSU's team for this game:

"He [Coach Miles] had us very prepared.  In practice we worked on fundamentals a lot and we did a lot of tempo work, to keep us in shape."

His thoughts on the game:

"I wouldn't want to play them again.  They're a tough team. They've got good players and an outstanding coach.  It was a great battle tonight.  We gave the fans and the world a good show tonight."