Holiday Exercise Push

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If gobble 'til you wobble is your holiday mentality, You aren't alone. While most are laser focused on fitness during the summer, the holidays prove to be the most popular time to slack off from a workout routine. If you're thinking about throwing in a towel for a turkey leg don't give up just yet.

"Everybody is working hard, getting ready for the beach," World's Gym Personal Trainer Marcinea Pearson said.

For many, the summer grind in the gym is over. Gym memberships everywhere typically see a decrease between October and December: the season when holiday fun, family and food are the focus.

"Next thing you know, you're eating leftovers, you got game season taking place and people get relaxed during that time and the next you know two months have went by, so that's the hardest part staying with that diet,"  Montgomery Resident Anwar Shahid said.

Shahid has been exercising at World's Gym in Executive Park consistently since January. He plans to continue through the holidays because he says it's a lifestyle.

"A lot of people have misconceptions about it like it's harder that what it is," Shahid said.

It's the holiday exercise push or lack thereof.

"During the winter time, we want to stay in and be warm and cozy," Pearson said.

And most need motivation that can come from a certified personal trainer like Marcinea Pearson. She says we pick up about ten pounds during the holiday season. Pearson encourages us to eat small portions every three hours.

"Make sure you create a great balance in your life. One hour a day will give you what you need to still maintain," Pearson said.

Staying in the gym, staying healthy and pushing for a yearly, not season goal of physical fitness.

Here's a tip for those you may not can make it to the gym or afford it: Trainers say 15 minutes of stretching at home or walking will make a difference.

World's Gym is a 24 hour fitness gym with personal trainer options. Gym membership is $10 a month. For more information call 334-281-2224.