Halcyon Teacher is a Class Act

At Halcyon Elementary School students are gaining the computer skills they'll use for the rest of their lives. Computer teacher Jennifer Brand says knowing how to handle a mouse and keyboard will help youngsters become better learners. "A child that learns more by voicing themselves in an oral presentation, or by showing something, a child that's artistic in nature can use a power point presentation, or computer driven graphics to express themselves. So it addresses a lot of different children's needs," says Brand.

She addresses Halcyon's technology needs by raising money for new computers and works to integrate other academic subjects in her computer class.

Halcyon principal Shirley Brooks says of Brand, "the students benefit from her being here as well as the teachers. She is just so generous with her time. She schedules after school workshops for the teachers to help them with our technology plan."

Brand has chaired Halcyon's building leadership team for two years and serves as a caller for carpool dismissals, a function every parent can appreciate!

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell