Gyro Bowl - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – If you are tired of picking up spilled crackers or gummy snacks from your toddler when they use a bowl or plastic bag, then you'll love the Gyro Bowl.  It's designed to put an end to those messes by keeping the goodies in the bowl, no matter what your toddler does with it.

We call upon William, son of Donna Wallace King.  He's our expert.  He's toddler and he's had several months to play with the Gyro Bowl.  He puts the Gyro Bowl through the wringer for us in our test.

The Gyro Bowl is a series of plastic bowls on swivels that work in tandem to keep goodies in reach while preventing spills.  We use some of William's favorite snacks with the Gyro Bowl.  They include fish shaped crackers, coated chocolate candies, and dried cranberries.  William is ready to eat on the go with the Gyro Bowl, or as he calls it, the "fun bowl".

This "fun bowl" is not only designed to carry fun treats, but also it's designed in a safe shape for the little ones, avoiding pinches and injuries.  William carries the bowl around the room, moving it in many directions, with no spillage.  Since he was on his best behavior, he made me do the dirty work so mom would be proud of him.  So I nudged the Gyro Bowl filled with chocolate candies off the table and by dropping it with some force, most of the candy spills right across the floor.

William calls me out on this saying, "You dumped them out and they're all over the ground."

Well, the website advertises this spinning contraption to be 100% kid proof.  We all know better, there's no such thing as kid proof.  William knows this as well and proves it.  With some manipulation of the bowl with his fingers, he flips the Gyro Bowl upside down and lets gravity do the rest.

William's mom Donna says, "Well I think it works pretty good.  When he's at home normally or when we go on a trip, he rarely drops or spills anything.  Only when he gets a little rambunctious do things go everywhere, I would recommend it."

Plus, it comes with a sturdy storage lid and it's dishwasher safe.  The Gyro Bowl is a step up from a regular bowl, and prevents most spills.  It's not kid proof, but it's kid resistant.  When it comes to kids, anything that allows for fewer messes, which the Gyro Bowl does, deserves a solid YES for this week's "Does it Work? test.

We found the Gyro Bowl selling for about $15 through an online retailer.

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