Hello from the newsroom on a warmer-than-expected November night.
I hope you'll join us for a special report regarding the high cost of college.  Is it worth the debt to get a college degree as opposed to getting learning a trade or another career path?  Reporter Jennifer Oravet talks with three high school seniors who are taking different approaches to deciding their life's work.
The mother of three children who died in a house fire has been charged in their deaths.
Is the governor having second thoughts about the state's controversial immigration law?  He's asking the legislature to take a second look at the law.
And, what's your take on Dr. Conrad Murray being found guilty in the death of Michael Jackson.  We'll have reaction.
Plus, Ole Miss making a coaching change at the end of the season.  Too many consecutive conferences loses for Houston Nutt to overcome.
Then, the weather will be wetter and then better.  The latest on when the showers arrive.
Hope you'll join us on the set at 10!
Bob H.