16-year-old steals new Mustang, crashes after chase

A photo of the totaled Ford Mustang.
A photo of the totaled Ford Mustang.
Skid marks on the pavement show where a teenager jumped the curb, clipped a house and crashed into a tree.
Skid marks on the pavement show where a teenager jumped the curb, clipped a house and crashed into a tree.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A woman who was test driving a brand new 2012 Ford Mustang before purchasing it has become a car theft victim in her own driveway.

Antoinette Arrington was thinking about buying the shiny, new blue coupe, but she was testing it out before making her decision. The day started off normally enough, but as she pulled out of the carport, she realized she'd forgotten her cell phone in the house.

"So I pulled back up and turned the car off," she remembered, "and took the key out, and I didn't need it to unlock the door, so I dropped it on the seat."

In the time it took Arrington to get the phone and return to the driveway, the car was gone, only skid marks remained as the car and two screaming girls chased after it. She says the girls jumped in and the Mustang vanished.

The new car didn't make it far, however, before patrol officers spotted it and its 16-year-old driver.

City of Montgomery spokeswoman Martha Earnhardt said officers activated their lights and sirens to pull over the car, but the teen reportedly stepped on the accelerator and attempted to flee the scene.

The new car and its unauthorized driver rounded a curve at Fieldcrest and Fernway Drive before the joyride came to an end. Witness say the car was doing nearly 100mph when the suspect ran over some shrubbery, clipped the corner of a house and struck a tree.

The driver was unconscious when officers made it to the car. There was no sign of the two girls the victim says she saw jump in as it sped off, however.

The minor was treated at the scene before being transported to Baptist Medical Center South for what are believed to be minor injuries. He'll be taken to a youth detention center to face charges.

Police call the case a crime of opportunity, but Arrington can't make sense of it. "Why he would have been on the property, under the carport, looking in the car in the first place, what where your intentions?" Arrington asked. "Even if the key wasn't in the car, what were your intentions."

Arrington ran down the road, but when she got to the scene, all she saw was the Mustang, and it was totaled. She says that after she gets past the sadness and the hurt, she's "very angry."

"That was so unnecessary," she said. She wants to know why the boy wasn't in school since he's 16. "At 16, you have so much potential," she explained.

The case remains under investigation.

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