CR 12: Big John Deere

ELMORE CO., AL (WSFA) - When you drive by the Daughertry home in Elmore county don't be surprised if you see a Deere.   Not a deer, a Deere.   Jerry Daughertry has always had a passion John Deere tractors.   He's also very handy with the tools.   So he decided to build a play set with a green and yellow theme.

"I've got 5 beautiful grandchildren," Daughertry said.   "I wanted to build something they could enjoy.  The wheels began to turn in my head, and you know there's not much up there, but I thought, I'm going to make a huge tractor."

At first not everyone could vision his masterpiece.  "My wife said I don't know what in the world you are building.  "I said I know you don't sugar, but you will."  Now everyone knows.  It's like a super-sized John Deere tractor on steroids.   He made it with all kinds of things he found.  "The steering wheel is off an old golf cart.   The seat here is an old boat seat.   Up front here there are two 55 gallon drums that are put together.  The headlights, we call the eyes, are chicken feeders used in old chicken houses."

The grand kids are all smiles when they play here.  Grandpa really only has one rule when they come to play.   "I tell them put your cell phones away.  No texting and no calling.  I want you to enjoy life that's what it's all about."

The commercial says, nothing runs like a Deere.  That may not be entirely true.  The Daughertry grand kids run pretty fast when they're playing on this super-sized play set.

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