Dadeville High School construction delayed again

DADEVILLE, AL (WSFA) - Construction at Dadeville High school is delayed again, and project could take up to another year to complete.  WSFA 12 News was the first to report about delays in the $4 million reconstruction project over the Summer.  Now the original contractor's deal has been terminated and the board is starting over.

Roxanne Tinsley and others in town are tired of the delays.

"My son doesn't really have any complaints, but everyone thought it would have been completed," Tinsley said.

"They see the stage of progress over there and nothing happening.  And they wonder why aren't they out there working."

Tallapoosa County Board of Education Attorney Mark Allen Treadwell said the project was supposed to be completed this fall, but construction came to a halt in the spring.  Treadwell said he believes the difficulties of the contractor WCCI, Incorporated were financial in nature.   The board worked with WCCI to give them more time to finish the project

"Once we finished this amended contract, it gave them some additional time to complete the job," Treadwell said.  "Unfortunately, when there was an inspection of phase three that they were supposed to have completed by a certain date, it did not pass the inspection."

A performance bond through Great American Insurance has kicked in, and the company has basically taken over the project.   It's up to them to pick a new contractor, which could take weeks or months.

"I'm confident that Great American can come in and get the job complete," Treadwell said.

The delays aren't costing the system any money.  Any excess costs will have to be paid by WCCI to Great American Insurance.

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