Cyber Clean - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Cyber Clean is substance that can be described as a mixture between slime and silly putty, designed to help clean your electronic devices with a simple press and a pull.  The substance then captures the dirt and grime into its compound, never to be seen again.  That's at least how it's supposed to work.  Drew Dover asked us to test this product, so he's our helper for our trials of the Cyber Clean.

"We've got some real dusty keyboards around the office and maybe the backside of the computer, there's a lot of dust where the fan is.  It'll be interesting to see if it picks up the dirt like it says it's going to," explains Drew.

Drew reviews the do's and don'ts of the Cyber Clean before getting started.  Basically, it's just a press and a pull to rid the dust and dirt, that's it!  First he rubs it in his hand for a few moments to get it ready.  Then he presses down on the keyboard

Upon pulling back the Cyber Clean blob, we found much more than we thought lurking on the keyboard.  Dust, hair, and some grime were what we see on this first try, but we're only getting started.

Drew says, "The first pass got a little bit of stuff.  We'll try it again to see what it picks up this time."

A few more presses and pulls of the cyber clean, and each pass nabbed a little more dirt on the keyboard.

Drew adds, "The stuff deep down in there, it doesn't seem to go quite as far enough to get that stuff.  But on the top, the keys and a little bit down in there, it's getting that okay."

After a few more keyboards, Drew moves on to the dusty backs of some computers.  The Cyber Clean rips the dust off fan vents.  Months of dust on the back of one computer fan vent is gone with one pass of the Cyber Clean.  The best part is the no mess part, the dirt and grime is all trapped inside the material.  But this thing can't absorb dirt forever; the Cyber Clean is now darker in color which is the indicator we use to determine when it's about spent.

"For keeping things clean and keeping the dust out, I think it will do a pretty good job," Drew adds, "I think I would purchase it and use it on the keyboard at home."

A quick note, the Cyber Clean isn't designed for screens or monitors.  Regardless, our test results find that Cyber Clean grabs on to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.  The small container of Cyber Clean sells online for $8 plus shipping.

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